Monday, January 25, 2010

Prime Cut: More of Jesse Santana

Could he be any more perfect?

Whether shaved or not...

...he's cute as they come. 

Agile and athletic...

 ...and clearly gifted.

He eats out regularly...

but he's always ready to offer up a meal at home.

 A bit of a party animal, he loves to catch up with friends...

and obviously Jesse has a sense of humor.

Eager to please...

and clearly appreciates talent!

Jesse loves it, and it shows!


  1. Surely, this is god's own anus out here, the absolute blotter of one's lips and heavespot of one's dreams. Yes, the kid's a miracle.

  2. He bottoms as a complete god, and eats ass so well I simply crave to suck his tongue. But did you see those nipples as he was riding that hot fuck? O drop me off a cliff!

  3. one of the hottest fuckers ever! thanks for those hot pics!