Sunday, May 5, 2013

Make me moist...a precum spectacular!



  1. I love the sweet taste of precum. Makes my mouth water just looking at these. I met a guy in the woods who precum like the video and I was in heaven licking up every drop.

  2. The cumshooting video made me cum good style. I usually cottage around local toilets, but haven't been able to get out recently due to fractured ankle, so have been wanking off to porno sites. Keep up the good work boys!

  3. hot! well, i usually have a lot of precum. and sometimes that causes problems. i'm a lycra freeballer and i love to show my penisline in every detail. it's okay when people recognize my cockhead. but i think it really goes to far when people see that my bulge is wet. it's too obscene. sometimes that happened and i felt shame. but on the other hand i must admit that i love to do things like that. and so i started to experiment with sperm. i shoot on my levis ten times, don't wash them and wear it in public. adventerous! jerk off on my face. than go jogging with sperm on my lips. love it!